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Below you can see another one of several examples of major exhibit design projects that I completed while working at the Beaty Biodiversity Museum, a new natural history museum in Vancouver. Each of these includes a brief description of the project, as well as a breakdown of the basic design elements.

Each of the 1188 cabinets in the museum is marked with a label. There are two types of labels: one which introduces a given group, while the other engages visitors with the cabinet contents. I designed over half of the cabinet labels and managed the project from the initial design process all the way through to final fabrication and installation.

  1. The contents of the cabinet are indexed for curatorial use.
  2. Indicates the scientific and common name of the group.
  3. Photographs are museum originals or sourced from contributors.
  4. Identifies the given group’s place within the tree of life.
  5. Indicates the name of the subject depicted on the cabinet label.
  6. Original photographs are used when specimens are available and in presentable form.
  7. The contributing artist is credited for use of their image.
  8. Introduces a background narrative relating to the group contained.